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Our mission is to help you transform your weaknesses into strengths, see what you are capable of  and reach your full potential. 

Freemind is a multi disciplinary team – young, committed and creative. We know ADHD. And we are ADHD. We combine our knowledge in mental health, medicine, digital transformation and design to create coachings and self help courses based on the scientifically validated tools of cognitive behaviour therapy. Together, we want to help you help yourself!

Our courses are based on cognitive behavioural therapy.

We update our courses according to the newest scientific findings.

We focus on the most prominent ADHD pain points.

What we can do for you:

Our mission is to help you find the tools to overcome those hurdles, drive towards your full potential and take control over your life!

Freemind is a multi disciplinary team with great knowledge about medicine, mental health and design. We combine our knowledge to create cognitive behaviour therapy based coachings and literature, whilst following and adapting current scientific findings. Together, we want to help you help yourself!

Course 1

Time Management and Organisation

Now available!

„Structure instead of chaos“ is the motto of this course, which deals with strategies for coping with everyday life, paperwork and self-organisation.

Course 2

Impulses and

Available soon!

This course provides you with tools to stay on top of impulsive decisions, reactions and mood swings. You will learn how to transform capricious and cross into cool and calm.

Course 3

Relationships and Sexuality

Available soon!

If your relationship is suffering from hurtful arguments, you have difficulties aligning your roles, your intimacy is declining  or you simply feel exhausted with each other, this course is for you.

Course 4

Thriving at Work and Leadership

Available soon!

We love a good ADHD Leader! Looking to improve your work performance and leadership skills? This course is dedicated to help you with that.

We invite you

to embark on this journey with us. Imagine a world where taking care of your mental health is as fun and rewarding as playing your favorite video game. With our gamification-based mental health app, that world can become a reality.

Great minds think alike!

Join our doctor lead community and connect with like minded individuals. Exchange experiences, find a chore buddy, participate in weekly challenges to stay motivated and explore our content library to learn more about the solutions to common struggles.One of our doctors will host bi weekly seminars, where you can ask your burning questions, discuss course related tasks and get advice on the next steps on your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything - We have great answers!

Freemind is a mental health care platform that provides online therapy courses and counseling services and community for people with mental health conditions. We offer a highly gamified cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) based online courses together with doctor guided community support, making mental health care more accessible and convenient.

No matter what gender, age and background, diagnostics and therapy can be participated in by any adult (</= 18Y).

The course typically takes 6 weeks to complete, with a recommended time commitment of 1-2 hours per week. However, the course can be completed at the patient’s own pace, with access to course materials available for an extended period after completion.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide that right now but are passionate about making it work in the future.

Gamification can help ADHD patients learn CBT skills by enhancing their motivation, attention, and cognitive flexibility. ADHD patients often struggle with traditional classroom settings, which can be too passive, abstract, or boring for them. Gamification can provide a more dynamic and stimulating environment that matches their learning style and preferences.

The gamification of the course makes it more engaging and effective for participants by providing a sense of novelty, challenge, and reward. The game mechanics, such as points, badges, levels, and leaderboards, create a sense of achievement and progress that can motivate participants to keep learning and practicing. The storytelling and immersive elements can make the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Yes, participants will typically receive support and feedback from a qualified instructor or mental health professional. The instructor or professional may provide guidance, supervision, or coaching throughout the program via our doctor guided community. The instructor or professional may also monitor the patient’s progress and adjust the program accordingly.

We take the privacy and confidentiality of our users very seriously at Freemind. All of our video and messaging services are encrypted to ensure that user information is protected. Additionally, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to patient privacy, including HIPAA in the United States and GDPR in Europe. Our therapists and counselors are also bound by professional ethics and confidentiality agreements to protect user privacy.

Our community is outsourced at Discord and data safed there is following the guidelines of Discord Limited.

We use a range of tools and measures to assess the effectiveness of our therapies and counseling services. These include user feedback surveys, outcome measures, and clinical assessments. We also conduct ongoing research and evaluation to identify areas where we can improve our services and ensure that our users are getting the best possible care.

A digital highly gamified online course for participants based on CBT is an innovative approach to delivering CBT therapy in a way that is more engaging and interactive for participants. The course is designed to teach CBT skills in a way that is fun and motivating, with the use of gamification techniques such as rewards, points, and levels. This differs from traditional CBT therapy, which may be more structured and less interactive.

Gamification enhances the learning experience of ADHD patients in the course by making it more engaging, motivating, and rewarding. By using gamification techniques such as points, rewards, and levels, patients are more likely to remain engaged and motivated throughout the course, leading to better outcomes.

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